Serving adults 55 and better in South Central PA.

The Heart of Messiah Lifeways

Mount Joy Country Homes is part of Messiah Lifeways. Messiah Lifeways is a non-profit organization located in Mechanicsburg, PA that provides a network of services for adults 55 and better living in South Central PA.

Our mission is to be a ministry that responsibly enhances the lives of older adults with Christ-like love. We are committed to changing the conversation about aging. With the help of the Messiah Lifeways coach, we provide many choices and solutions for adults 55+ to live life as they wish and to live a Life. Embraced.

We Have a Dream

We have a dream to inspire everyone 55 and better to more fully embrace life. To not fear growing older, but to re-imagine the journey of aging as a time for purpose, zest, and faith-filled living. At Messiah Lifeways℠, we call this living “Life.Embraced℠.”

The ways to lead a Life. Embraced℠ are as varied as the individuals we serve. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow remarked, “Age is opportunity no less than youth itself.” To that end, we seek to serve those 55 and better in South Central PA who value living a life of freedom, purpose, and peace of mind.

As with any journey, there are challenges and triumphs along the way. Through life coaching, enrichment opportunities, community support services, and resident communities like Mount Joy Country Homes, Messiah Lifeways desires to walk beside you as you continue on your unique journey.

Across the region, the most common refrain we hear from the people we serve is that they wish they had connected with Messiah Lifeways sooner. That speaks volumes to the heart and soul we pour into every interaction and every relationship.

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