A maintenance-free lifestyle is just the beginning of Simply Good Living.

Benefiting from Simply Good Living and Loving it!

Meet Pat and Ruth – childhood friends who have reunited at Mount Joy Country Homes. Maintenance-free living means more time to catch up!

“I was living alone in a large home for some time before my friend Ruth, whom I have known since grade school, invited me to join her for a tour at Mount Joy Country Homes…and the rest is history. (Pat, pictured on the left, and Ruth are now next-door neighbors at Mount Joy Country Homes.) My kids are very happy I am here, and it takes a load off their shoulders knowing I am in a safe place. I love it here! Everything is at my fingertips. If something ever goes wrong, I can pick up the phone, and someone is right there to help me. Maintenance-free living is wonderful! It’s so nice to sit in my living room and watch someone else rake the leaves and shovel my driveway. I’m so glad I made the move.”

— Pat Gingrich, resident (pictured on the left)


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