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We encourage you to apply to Messiah Lifeways at Mount Country Homes, if you are interested in becoming a resident or are looking for services for a member of your family or a friend. There is no fee for submitting your application.

Messiah Lifeways
At Mount Joy Country Homes Application


Submit Your Application

There are several options for submitting your application. The first step is printing out the online application and then submitting it to the Messiah Lifeways at Mount Country Homes Welcome Center. 

Mailing Address:
Messiah Lifeways at Mount Joy Country Homes
Attention: Welcome Center
106 Bayberry Drive 
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Prior to submitting your application, you may also call the Welcome Center:
717.653.2356 | life@messiahlifeways.org

There are currently no events at this time.